GB History

The Girls’ Brigade was formed, as we know it today, in 1968 by the amalgamation of three organisations:  The Girls’ Life Brigade (England and Wales) formed in 1902, The Girls’ Guildry (Scotland) formed in 1900 and The Girls’ Brigade, Ireland, formed in 1893.  When this occurred various parts of the three badges were joined together to form our present badge and our motto “Seek, Serve and Follow Christ” was agreed upon.

Our Company was first affiliated in 1983 and was formed by Mrs Pat Pearse.  Mrs Claire Walker took over as Captain in 1987 and moved from the area in 2002.  The general running of Girls’ Brigade was passed to Mrs Christine Swan, who was Lieutenant at the time and who also joined the Company in 1987.  She was appointed an officer in 1989 and was subequently Captain until 2012.  Mrs Julia Attwood took over as Captain in 2013, when the Girls Brigade moved to Abbey Lane.